Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I download the app from?

Dazzlr can be downloaded from the PlayStore on Android and the App Store on Apple. Search for ‘Dazzlr’ & click on ‘Install’

How does the app work?

Dazzlr is very simple to use. Here’s a quick video on how to use Dazzlr

Are there any requirements to make a profile?

No, there is not. Anybody & everybody can download Dazzlr app and start using it and find their dream role.

Difference/Advantages of using Premium version of Dazzlr?

Premium version of Dazzlr lets you upload videos of your work making it easy for casting directors to cast you for a particular role. With Premium upgrade, you will be able to apply for different roles. In addition, we will also send you push notifications when you get a casting call. Premium plans start at just ₹ 550/ per month.

Who can make casting calls? How can you differentiate between fake and genuine casting calls?

All Casting calls are screened and vetted by our in-house team. We attempt to cross check the requirement and the authenticity of each and every user posting casting calls. We are very much committed to make Dazzlr a safe and authentic platform for clients and actors.

What percentage/commission do you charge your clients/artists?

We don’t charge any commission from clients/artists.

Can I be on the app if I am already signed by an agency/manager?

Yes, anyone can sign up on Dazzlr. However, if you have an agency or manager, you may have to make sure all your booking requests go through them.

Can I Post a Profile for my Children or on Behalf of someone?

Yes you can, as a parent or an agent, you can put up a profile for someone else and manage their page and subscription as long as you are authorised to do so.

Is my information/account private?

We are committed to your privacy. The information can only be viewed by clients & production houses which have been verified by us after due diligence. Any unknown artists/production houses cannot view your profile or use your information. We have various privacy tools implemented on our App so that your information is not mis-used in any way or shared outside the app.

Do we have to go through auditions or direct selection?

Once a casting call is posted, you can apply by clicking on the job. If you fit the requirement you may be asked to send in a test or go in and test with the client directly.

Once I apply for a role, how do I follow up with the client?

You don’t need to, once you have applied, the client will get in touch with you for what is needed next. You can mail in and get on with your day.

How safe is my account?

It's hard to have privacy if you don’t have security. Thats why we provide you with features such as login verification to secure your account. So, the same logic that applies to the internet at large applies to Dazzlr as well: don’t give your ID/password/Email or share content that you wouldn’t want someone to see. Also, make sure you pick a strong and unique password.